The Magical Café: My Kitchen Witch


Magical, by definition, means anything “related to using or resembling magic.” It can also mean “enchanting” or “being delightful as to seem removed from everyday life.”

In short, it’s used to describe something out-of-this-world – even remarkable in such way that one can’t forget easily or one can’t still fully believe in just yet.

And in this case, it’s used to describe out-of-this-world juice drinks – even remarkable in such way that one can’t easily forget how it tastes like or one can’t still fully believe in just yet to exist.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the magical café: My Kitchen Witch.

Let’s take a closer look…

Located in Monmouth Beach, New Jersey, My Kitchen Witch was founded with executive chef and owner Karyn Jarmer’s philosophy on food, wherein she can “magically” do something without increasing her waistline or spending her budget that much.

Her story begins at age 15, when she learned more about restaurants and home-cooked meals from a local restaurant. A few years later, she became manager of a South Street Seaport café and her take on food was gradually improved. After a while, Bedrock Catering was founded in Manhattan, New York – a product of both her knowledge and creativity.

Word-of-mouth has made her even more famous across New Jersey, even providing catering services in both TV and film industries until now. However, 9/11 happened – and her decision to open up Bedrock Catering in New York was reconsidered. She went back to New Jersey, specifically in Monmouth Beach, where she opened her own café: My Kitchen Witch.

My Kitchen Witch Café has made her philosophy on food alive and ever-growing – thanks to its out-of-this-world dishes and drinks, along with her own magical touch. Moreover, all the food and drinks in this magical café are home-cooked and made from healthy and quality ingredients – served by a friendly staff.

Their menu includes a huge selection of everyone’s favorites such as omelettes, pancakes, cereals, sandwiches, side dishes, soup, salads, pasta, chips, cupcakes, cookies, coffee, tea, fresh juice, and more. They also offer Friday Dinner, where people can reserve for their own magical night with an exclusive menu; Grab-And-Go, where people can take out delicious food and drinks by pound or platter; and Juice Bar, where people can drink out-of-this-world fresh juices, smoothies, and shots (one is made from wheatgrass, which you can also make at home via those seen in

Visit this café now and see and experience firsthand how a kitchen witch does her magic!