Dreamy and Magical Festivals in the World

Where: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Why go: Famous and huge festival that draws millions of people on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, held every year just before Lent begins, beautiful and colorful floats and costumes, samba music, festive atmosphere

Chinese New Year
Where: Across China and many cities around the world
Why go: Loud, colorful, and festive; dragon and lion dances, stunning display of fireworks; traditional Chinese customs, decorations, and treats

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Harbin Ice and Snow Festival
Where: Harbin, China
Why go: Stunning ice and snow sculptures, colorful and creative sculptures lit by lasers and lights

Where: India
Why go: Hindu religious festivals that dates back to the ancient times, Holika bonfire, carnival of colors

Lantern Festival
lantern festival
Where: Pingxi District, Taiwan
Why go: Magical display of lanterns lighting up the sky, learn about the folklore surrounding the origins of the festival

Up Helly Aa
Up Helly Aa
Where: Lerwick, Scotland
Why go: A European fire festival that draws a crowd of locals and tourists, features marches, parades, and culminates with the burning of a Viking ship